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Chemstain is a low viscosity product, that chemically reacts and etches into cured concrete or cement plaster surfaces. The swirled natural stone and slate effect provides the warmth and beauty of natures’ own materials. Chemstain is ideal for creating interesting effects with borders and patterns, for floors whilst avoiding the thick, coated appearance of conventional paints. Chemstain creates uneven, variegated or translucent colour effects on concrete surfaces, much like the shadings of natural stone or the aged appearance of a time worn patina. The result is absolutely unique to each surface and cannot be duplicated by other colouring materials.

(Refer to our technical data sheet for more information)


  1. Torros Basson

    Hi where can I buy Chem stain and what is the price I’m in Pretoria

  2. Praise

    Where is Africote in KZN as the Ballito is no longer there?

  3. Angela

    Good Day,

    Your e-mail address seems to keep bouncing back and we are trying to send you further information. Do you perhaps have an alternate e-mail address? Regards, Africote Marketing Team

  4. Sifiso

    I would like to have more information about the chemstain.Would love to try it in one of my many colours do you offer and how much per square meter ?please send me ur data sheet too.

  5. Masenkane

    How much it cost for floor of 18 square metre for chemstain.

  6. Avryl Bartlett

    What is the cost of this material and what surface do you need to do it on
    What is the price per sq meter
    Is this all high gloss or do you get it in Matt form
    Can you do the back splashes with
    Thanks Avryl

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