Epoxy Floor Paint


For Interiors

Africote epoxy floor paint is a two component, epoxy system suitable as a heavy duty industrial grade floor coating, with excellent acid and chemical resistance . Designed for applications on Warehouses, factory and workshop floors.   It’s smooth low gloss finish, offers easy cleaning with good slip resistance.

(Refer to our technical data sheet for more information)


  1. Patricia

    Request for quote for paint asking your contact number

  2. Patricia

    Request for quote for paint
    1. Green epoxy floor paint 5L x8
    2. Yellow road marking paint 5L x 10
    3.Company Solvent 5L x 4

  3. Abdul waheed Abdoola

    Hi I got to paint my factory floor which is 90sqm how much paint will I need.

  4. Johannes Skosana

    I need to know the price epoxy industrial for my garage is 49 square meter

  5. Andre

    Need to knw how many squares can you get out of a 5 litre

  6. Patricia

    Show the tin in 5L
    The description says Green Apoxy floor paint 5L and price

  7. Show Dambaza

    how much does it cost per m². to put epoxy for acid floors

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