Skimcote C


  1. Penwell 0823609390

    Hi.. could you please advise,can one put skimcote on top of the tiles.

  2. Debbie Thomas

    I have a guest house with quiet a bit of tile floors!
    we would like to change their look as they are very old and some a cracked! Its going to take too long to replace them with other tiles! I was thinking of glaceing over them but on the other hand they are all different colours.
    Do you have something to cover them that would not take too long to dry?
    Will the cracks re-appear?
    Kindly advise as we live in the western cape.

  3. Suzanne Harrison

    I would like someone to phone/or come to property to give quote to apply skimcote on existing slasto floor.
    Suzanne Harrison

  4. Steven Enslin


    Please advise if I can apply over existing floor tiles. We were thinking of either retiling over existing or installing laminated floors on top however this seems to be a new concept.

    Please advise

  5. Peter Lugg

    Hi Please can you call me for pricing and colour screeds

    Peter on 0662278775

  6. Mark Ewart-Phipps

    Can this be applied directly over tiles? Should there be movement and cracking appears, can the cracks be easily repaired?

  7. Lynette

    Can i put the screed over tiles?

  8. Stella

    Hi, I need a quote on 135sqm for coloured cement screed. May I have a quote please.

  9. Angel Lobay

    Good day

    what is the costs to do a 25 sqm colour cement screed.


  10. Angel Lobay

    Good day please advise on the cost per square metre . What will it cost to do a 20 sqm area.

  11. Julia

    Good day
    pls can you advise on costing for various smaller areas, I think nearest retailer is in Mosselbay.

    The skim screed in white for about 50sqm in smaller areas.

    Also what do you offer for a balcony if I do not like tiles?

  12. Musa

    Hello, can I get a quote for colour screed for 200sq metres. Please advice on the various options so I can choose the right shade.

  13. Gillian Engelbreg

    Please contact me regarding a quote for screeding my bathrooms.

    084 462 1310
    083 299 3711 (Charl)

  14. Jenny

    Hi I need a quote on 144sqm powder for the floor.can I have a quote please.regards Jenny 0825004501

  15. faith chasokela

    Your products are great

  16. faith chasokela

    Can i have a quote for materials only for coloured cement screed to use on 128 sq meters floor .I have my own person to apply in Zimbabwe. I need to come and collect from your Joburg shop. And how many kgs would that be?

  17. Jessica

    Could I please get a quote per sqm of your skimcoat C

  18. Bridgette

    Hi, I need a coloured cement screed for my new house to be done in the next 2-3 weeks, I will appreciated it if you can assist me with a quote for + – 145 sqm.

    your assistance will be highly appreciated in this regard.

  19. Williemien Lucas

    Can you advise me on a screed finishing for my home interior as well as patio with direct sunlight – my builder want me to rather tile because the screed peels off he said.

  20. Johan Botha

    Can you please tell me what the requirements are for Skimcore and also what the price per square is?
    This will be for White River.

  21. Angela

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is a coloured cement screed, for further information you may contact Jane Herbst on 076 615 3797 or,
    Marketing Team

  22. N Ball

    What is this flooring, a cement screed or paint?

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