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Please note that while all our distributors are authorised to stock Africote products, they remain independent entities vis-a-vis the Africote factory (Africote div of Union Flooring Tiles (PTY) Ltd) based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.  All Africote products are warranted by Africote div of Union Flooring Tiles (PTY) Ltd for various lengths of time, depending on product purchased and subject to proper application in terms of our specifications.  As aforementioned, however, the Africote factory has no role, either directly or indirectly, in the application of our products once supplied to our authorised distributors, unless otherwise expressly indicated.  As such, while every reasonable effort is made by Africote div of Union Flooring Tiles (PTY) Ltd to ensure that our distributors possess the requisite knowledge and skills regarding our products and their application, we cannot guarantee the “workmanship and application services” of said authorised distributors.  In an effort to maintain the ethics and integrity of the Africote brand, however, we encourage our clients to provide us with any feedback which would assist in our continuous efforts to ensure the improved quality of workmanship provided by our authorised distributors’.

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