Africide Surface Disinfectant

Africide Surface Disinfectant

Africide Waterborne Surface Disinfectant

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Africote’s Africide surface disinfectant, is an organic waterborne solution and is a powerful disinfectant that eradicates most major problem causing microorganisms. It is a trialled and proven system based on internationally formulated chemicals and is specifically developed to eradicate Corona viruses and 60 other viruses including (Over 120 types of bacteria, 34 fungi, 3 algae, 4 yeasts and 8 parasites).

The sanitiser solution, also complies with the international biocide regulation which is a virucidal effectiveness European Standard EN 14476 test, in which the disinfectant must show its ability to eradicate viruses and bacteria. Although it is a strong disinfectant and is effective against most pathogens, it is highly suitable for use on most surfaces including tiles, vinyl, concrete, metals and plastic, due to its mild reaction to these surfaces.

Africide has been proven to be effective against these Bacteria and Viruses.




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